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Thai Herbal Pouch

Touch of Well Being offers you the exotic Thai Herbal Pouch massage to ease you from different types of stress and ailments. It is not like a regular massage that gives to some pleasure and relaxation but it manages to have a much prolonged impact on the human body and the immune system which helps in fighting various types of pains and stress. We at Touch of Well Being completely understand your needs and can easily relate to you which make it possible for us to deliver you a service that you really look forward to.


The massage uses hand tied material bags to a stem which is used to soak the material in water and water oil. This pouch is used to massage the whole body with warms giving a warm and soothing effect. The most significant aspect of the massage is the stimulation of the skin with intense heat created by the hot massage pouch. It would not be so hot that it could hurt you as special temperature adjustments, monitoring and control are dealt with the other free hand of the masseur. The massage begins with the hot pouch being placed just slightly on the already oiled body and eventually the body gets adapted to the temperature of the pouch and also cools down after a certain period of time as it is left on the skin for quite a long time. Towards the end, the pouch gets into movement over your entire body in a certain fashion.

The deliberate exposure to heat is for giving a long lasting impact on the immune system as it stays stimulated for a much prolonged time due the heat. These massages are highly preferred in cooler season and in places that experience extremely cold weather. The main purpose of this massage is to deal with common inflammation caused by muscle and joint pains. The scope of its benefits is not limited to muscle related issues but is also for other systems in the body that align to improve body healing and immunity to fight against diseases. A Thai Herbal Pouch massage at Touch of Well Being would support better healing of the mind, body and soul both from routine stressors and ever the more intense trouble in life.


Other benefits of Thai Herbal Pouch massage are improved blood flow and lymph circulation, releases energy blockages resulting in better physical and mental activeness, increases joint flexibility and supports movement and reduces acute as well as chronic inflammation. There are also additional benefits that would improve daily life such as improved appetite and strength the digestive system, prevent illness by boosting the immune system, slow aging, lower blood pressure and help keeping the mind and body relaxed. These are not just temporary benefits that you would derive but have prolonged effects on health.

No matter what the main purpose of your choice is, at Touch of Well Being you would get the most satisfying service which would make you proud of your choice.

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Traditional Thai / Thai Fusion

Touch of Well Being aims to satisfy your need to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. We offer the most effective and pleasure deriving Traditional Thai massage also known as the Thai Fusion. It will not just ease you to a whole new level of relaxation but also prepare you for a new beginning. It manages to sooth your nerves to an extent where you are freed from all tension and develop a sense of starting with a completely original and positive approach.


Traditional Thai or Thai Fusion massage is a combination of Easter and Western massage styles. It is one of those massage techniques that have a holistic approach and serve to relax your entire body and mind. A Thai Fusion at Touch of Well Being would let your massage experience evolve to an ultimate level. If you want to get rid of tension, ease your mind and have a long lasting calming effect on the muscles and mind, Thai Fusion at Touch of Well Being is the most suitable solution for you.

The essence of this massage is the use of different aroma oils that are applied in distinct amounts and combinations to the body. Over and above the benefits of applying these oils the different massage techniques that are used manage to enhance the overall impact, resulting in extreme relaxation and pleasure.  Traditional Thai/Thai Fusion massage helps in easing the human body from muscular pain and tension. The most significant part of this massage technique is the emphasized use of thumbs and elbows for acupressure on various pressure points. Focus is kept on points around the Sen lines, which are in control of energy flow around the body. They also tirelessly work for enhancing our well being and taking care of energy being created for composure and peace within us.


For additional relaxation of tension from muscles and points in the body the technique also includes light stretching and joint mobilization which helps in detoxifying and toning muscles. A Thai Fusion massage at Touch of Well Being would set you up for moving ahead with a better outlook on life and experiencing an escalation in energy in the body. It would have a direct positive impact on your performance and living your life to the best of your abilities.

Other significant benefits of a traditional Thai/ Thai Fusion massage are neck, shoulder and back pain, improvement in blood circulation, stimulation of nerve endings and improvement in lymphatic drainage. The massage manages to aid fluid absorption around joints and keeps the body more healthy and active. In addition, it also helps in relieving head aches, fight insomnia, helps in toning muscle, clears the mind which help in a enhancing the well being.

At Touch of Well Being we would serve you with the best service quality, keep you satisfied by performing beyond your expectations. The massages offered would not only help you calm your nerves and release tension but also have an extended impact on your health and quality of life ahead.

We encourage our valued customers to honor us with visit at our spa. You may also visit our website for more details.

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Hot Stone Massage

Touch of Well Being offers the best hot stone massage that helps in deep relaxation of tight muscles. The massage is done with smooth, heated stones which are used for massaging and also for being placed on specific parts of the body while the other areas are massaged with hands. The heat of the stones makes tight muscles loosen up and lets the effect penetrate much better. The stones themselves have the ability to charge energy and need to be placed in different arrangements to make the most use of their ability.

Smooth stones heated with fire began to be used by Native Americans to relieve pain in muscles. The modern and improved stone therapy has evolved into delivering better results but requires intense training of therapists. At Touch of Well Being, we have high trained and certified stone massage therapists. You are guaranteed the best stone massage experience at our company that has long lasting benefits. Not all spas would manage to provide you the same quality service, it takes quite a lot of calculated effort and sensitivity, not all masseurs can prove to give a satisfying experience with hot stones so which spa you choose would determine your experience with hot stone massages.


You may consult professional at Touch of Well Being to better understand the massage procedure and benefits. The massage starts with the therapist’s work on your back. Your body would also be heated and prepared with the traditional Swedish massage. After this the therapist would start to massage your body with the heated stones. Sometime later the stones that have cooled down will be replaced with the other heated ones. The stones vary in shape and size as not every stone can be used for all the parts of the body. The shape of the stones is mostly oval or circle like as they have to be rounded and completely without edges. Larger and stronger muscles are worked on with big stones while the small stones are used for smaller muscles. The stones are even placed over some parts of the body such as the palm, belly and even between toes for better blood circulation.

We encourage our valued clients to communicate their specifications and requirements to the therapist at any time during the course of the massage. In case the heat causes discomfort, you can ask the therapist to adjust the temperature in order to give you the most effective massage. Our clients’ comfort is our priority; we strive to provide our clients with the most satisfying massages and therapies at Touch of Well Being.

Hot stone massage is not recommended for those who have high blood pressure, diabetes or heart diseases. It is also not recommended for those who are on blood thinning medication, pregnant or with sunburns. It is most suitable to take our consultants’ advice before getting a hot stone massage. Our consultants and therapists are at your service who aim to keep you safe, comfortable and most satisfied with all the services we offer at Touch of Well Being.

We encourage our valued customers to honor us with a visit at our spa. You may also visit our website for more details.

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Remedial Massage

As the name suggests a Remedial massage focuses on repairing and rejuvenating stressed and damaged muscles and tendons. Muscles and tendons often get tensed, knotted or immobile due to getting over worked or unbalanced pressure being put on them. These are common issues that we face in our busy lives. Get a remedial massage done at Touch of Well Being to repair your muscles and give them a chance to revitalize. It does not just alleviate the symptoms such as pain or discomfort but also helps in fighting the initial cause. It is a complete treatment done in the most relaxing and pleasure deriving way. There are a few variations of remedial massages; they range from gentle and shallow massages to strong and deep therapies. Which massage best suits you would be recommended by the expert consultants at Touch of Well Being. The areas of discomfort and its intensity would determine the type of remedial massage you need.


Each type of remedial massage requires special techniques and procedures for which therapists need to be trained. Touch of Well Being has some of the best trained therapists for Remedial Massages who identify areas of trouble and deliver a service that completely satisfies the clients. A well done massage would not only take away the stress and pain from the muscles but also boost the body’s own repair system.

This makes the body stronger against risk of damage and decrease the frequency of getting caught with muscle and tendon trouble. Remedial Massage proves to be a preventative technique while being a cure to physical stress.

Remedial Massage asks for complete coordination from you. How well receptive you are to the therapy would determine the degree of its effectiveness and the duration its effects last for. Touch of Well Being offers dedicated consultation to clients that aims in satisfying all your queries and assisting to through our procedure. Feel free to contact our consultants or therapists to make the service you get even more promising and satisfying. A remedial massage is used for a wide range of issues identified in the body’s performance. The various benefits help in dealing with more serious diseases as well.


A few of the widely observed benefits of remedial massage are toning and relaxation of muscles and tendons, repairing tissues and cell health improvement by stimulating the immune system. Peripheral nervous system is also calmed down with remedial massage that helps in better dealing with pain and stress. Arthritis, Fibrositis, frozen shoulder, muscular atrophy, muscular and skeletal dysfunction are all addressed to with Remedial Massage. It is a safe and natural way of easing out pain in the body which is also widely recommended by doctors and physicians along with medications, if required. Touch of Well Being takes complete care of customers and provides them the most suitable services. You would not be suggested a therapy that does not match your requirements or is not appropriate. Effective communication is a key to success that we use too. Our therapists would make sure that the service you opt for does not expose you to any health risks. Information you provide such as health and medical details are kept under complete protection and are used only to understand your needs better.Touch of Well Being offers the best massage service and therapy that not just provides you physical comfort but also peace of mind.

You may also visit our website for more details. Or you can also visit our spa personally to get yourself informed further about our services and packages.