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Swedish Massage

One of the most common types of massages is the Swedish massage. It has managed to gain the most popularity in the West. Touch of Well Being offers the most effective Swedish massage along with other intense and specialized therapies. A Swedish massage is the most preferred beginner’s massage. Experts recommend a Swedish massage to those who are new to getting a massage done. At Touch of Well Being you can get the most satisfying Swedish massage which would prepare you for other therapies and deeper treatment.


Swedish massage tends to be the foundation of quite a few other therapies such as the Deep Tissue Massage which is a much more intense massage therapy. Experts and consultants at Touch of Well Being would suggest the most suitable massage for you after thoroughly assessing your needs and requirements. You would be provided with a service that gives you the most satisfaction and aligns with your specifications. Swedish massage and other therapeutic massages are performed by highly skilled therapists. The most experienced therapists would be at your service at Touch of Well Being who have been trained for specific therapies and treatments.  You may contact our consultants to get to know more about our services and the therapies that interest you.

A Swedish massage falls is one of the most gentle and slow massage therapies but you can also get a more stronger one if you wish to and your consultant allows it. Quite often is it for beginners to understand their body needs and to assess which therapy would suit them the best. To provide you with a completely safe and satisfying experience, our consultants would assist you throughout the process. Some clients who prefer stronger strokes can get their massage escalated gradually. The most effective massage requires good communication between the client and the therapist. You should make the therapist well aware of your needs and concerns in order to make him/her able to provide you with the most pleasure deriving service.


Session lasts up to 50 to 60 minutes. The basic emphasis is on muscles in order to alleviate muscle tension and release stress accumulated on the muscle tissues. The core benefits of a Swedish Massage are muscle relaxation, better flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissues. It is does manage to alleviate slight pain and discomfort but is not a treatment for severe muscle injuries.

In order to get the most satisfying results, let your therapist know about any injuries or other health concerns you have. The therapist would manage to modify the therapy in accordance with your condition. You should also tell your therapist about areas you feel most discomfort in so that those areas are given more attention. Touch of Well Being is all about your comfort and satisfaction. Our expert therapists and consultants strive to serve you with a delightful service which makes you rejuvenate and revive.

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Foot and Reflexology

Reflexology is an Ancient Chinese massage therapy which involves a manual therapy procedure. It is one of the common therapies used today but has been modified and improved into making it a holistic therapy of relieving stress and pain. Touch of Well Being offers the soothing foot therapy and reflexology massages to valued customers. We have the most experienced professional therapists for Reflexology who provide the most satisfying services. Along with the other tremendous benefits, a well done reflexology therapy would help you in energizing your body and stimulating immunity of the parasympathetic nervous system.


Reflexology emphasized on the feet and hands but manages to stimulate other parts of the body. The massaging helps in relieving mental stress that adversely affects the health of the nervous system and the whole body. The therapy involves applying comfortable pressure on the feet. The therapists use thumbs and forefinger through which they identify the areas of the body that are under stress and not functioning to their potential. This procedure require intense learning, training and experience, it cannot be performed effectively by just any therapist. Therapists at Touch of Well Being are highly experienced in reflexology who manage to provide you the most effective therapy that manages to take away complaints you had of stress and anxiety.

The session usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes with most emphasis on massaging foot soles. If you feel ticklish, you can ask the therapist to divert emphasis on your hands. The desired benefits may require up to 5 or 6 reflexology sessions to treat certain health issues. This would vary from person to person thus making it vital to consult professionals at Touch of Well Being in order to understand the complete procedure and its requirements. You would even need to make the therapist aware of your medical history and the point of concern. We welcome any queries and suggestions you have regarding your therapy in order to make your experience even better.

The most significant benefits of foot treatment and reflexology are relieving back pain, nervous stress, migraine, headaches, period pain and digestion trouble. Reflexology also has effective benefits for respiratory diseases, asthma and bladder function problems. It has also proven to be helpful for patients who undergo multiple sclerosis and cancer in alleviating pain. Pregnant women have claimed a reduction of pressure and stress they feel on legs and feet. It has a direct positive impact on wellbeing and lets them cope with pregnancy much better which helps in making the baby happy and healthy.

At Touch of Well Being we take complete care of our clients and guarantee satisfaction. It is our responsibility to make the clients aware of the fact that reflexology is not suitable for people suffering from verracus/athlete’s foot; osteoporosis or have recently had a fractured bone or ankle. However for more information and details, feel free to contact our consultants or therapists who could mentally prepare you for the therapy and result in a more satisfying service.

Feel free to visit us at our spa or queries and consultation. We suggest you a visit to our website for more information and details.

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Pregnancy Pre-natal and Post-natal Massage

Touch of Well Being offers you a variety of massages for during pregnancy and after delivery. Quite a few times massages are associated to luxury or an exotic part of vacation but in reality massages become more of a need during pregnancy. Pregnancy, pre natal and post natal massages have distinct benefits that enhance well being of the mother and also the baby. These massages should be added in the must do lists of all mothers to be in order to make the experience better.

Pregnancy massages are taken for usually an hour and are not kept too long for the comfort of our customers. The massage board and pillows are designed and organized to accommodate the pregnant belly and give complete comfort. At Touch of Well Being your comfort and preferences would be our priority, the service will in no way be a source of discomfort or trouble. The procedure would be well explained in advance and getting the client mentally prepared for the massage. You suggestions, specifications and queries would be completely satisfied before the massage begins.


Benefits derived from Pregnancy Massage 

There is still not much emphasis put on pregnancy massage which it deserves. The benefits a pregnant woman gets from these massages are not temporary but have a long lasting impact on the physical and mental health of the mother during the course of pregnancy. The most strategic benefits are that it lowers anxiety. During pregnancy women tend to get quite anxious and stressed due to the bodily and internal hormone changes. This anxiety has an adverse effect on the daily routines and performance. This also becomes one of the biggest misconceptions that pregnancy may lead to deterioration of performance but in reality it is not an effect that is insolvable but the decline in performance may be led by inability of managing the anxiety. The massages would also have physical positive impacts on the body such as on back and leg. Back, leg and calf pains are decreased along with decrease in swelling of the feet with pregnancy massage. This in turn helps in sleeping better which would improve health and the mental state.

Benefits of post natal massage

Post natal massages also have great health benefits. The pain that arises after delivery such as back and calf pain are reduced with post natal massages. Insomnia caused by pregnancy would also be dealt with, letting you sleep better and staying relaxed. Other muscle tension, aches release and improvement in fluid retention are additional benefits of post natal massages.

At Touch of Well Being your pregnancy and post natal massages would evolve your experience of bearing a child to utmost positivity. You can actually make the experience pleasurable by reducing the anxiety, mental and physical stress through the most relaxing pregnancy massages at Touch of Well Being. We guarantee you complete satisfaction and strive to serve you better than your expectation. Professional consultants and masseurs at the company will take complete care of your carious needs, choices and provide a service that would me made just for you.

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Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping has been adapted from the tradition and ancient techniques of Chinese Medicine. It is one of the most effective massages being offered at Touch of Well Being that has many vital benefits and positive effects on a person’s health. It is very different from other regular therapeutic massages that involve exertion of pressure on the body. Massage cupping is used to deal with various health concerns and also improvement in the healing process.


Massage cupping involves use of plastic of glass cups with a pump that creates a vacuum for a negative pressure being put on the skin. The movement of cups in various techniques while also pulling up is the most significant part of the massage. The techniques need extreme care and precision as quite a few sensitive areas need to be treated differently as they cannot cope with the regular pull. Areas that comprise mostly of bones such as the spine and scapula are most often avoided in regular massages that involve exerting of pressure but can be worked on with cupping. Touch of Well Being has specialized therapists for massage cupping who understand its various techniques in great detail. Our trained therapists guarantee you with the most satisfying results and effects. They would understand your needs and use the most suitable techniques.

The massage cupping technique also includes placing cups over particular parts of the body for a short while. These cups being parked on different areas help in mobilizing joints and relieving soft tissues. The suction goes deep inside soft tissues, organs and attachments. The pulling is actually done in order to pull toxins and inflammation away from muscles and organs. Lymph nodes and blood are also pulled up closer to the skin to make the process effective. Loosening of connective tissues helps in better healing of injury scars and damages. The effects can actually be seen as the adhesions and scars would actually be reduced. Other long lasting effects are a well functioning immune system and blood flow. Your reason behind choosing massage cupping and the expected results should be discussed with consultants at Touch of Well Being so that you are provided with the best massage experience and results.

Massage cupping is safe for everyone, children, adults and also the elderly. In order to guarantee safety and satisfaction, have consulting sessions with therapists at Touch of Well Being so that they can understand your condition to the best of their abilities and put in the best effort in your massage therapy. The techniques and duration would vary from person to person and would get decided according to the clients’ age, needs and health. It is wise to have a detail discussion with consultants and therapists to get yourself mentally prepared for the massage therapy. We welcome your queries and suggestions; visit us at our spa and also on our website Touch Well Being is at your service and strives to provide you with the most delighting massage experience that you have had never before.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is also widely known as the Champissage. It is a therapeutic massage that emphasizes on the head and corresponding areas such as the neck, should, upper arm and also the face. It has a very light and gentle massage technique that focuses on stimulating nerves, relieve tension and relaxation of superficial tissues. The massage also helps in fighting and alleviating emotional as well as physical stress. Touch of Well Being offers the most original and effective Indian Head massage along with other therapeutic massages.

The massage is an influence of the traditional Indian Champi. It has been practiced as a natural therapy since the early centuries. It is used as an alternative to medical treatment and medications to calm down nerves, heal emotional and physical stress and also fight fatigue and anxiety. The techniques involved in the Indian Head massage are based on the traditional Ayurvedic system and the oriental beliefs of energy circulation in the body as being vital for good health.


An Indian Head massage can generally be done even without application of massage oil on the skin but for a more effective and satisfying massage requires some massage oil to be applied for the technique. Use of massage oil helps the therapist in having more control over the massage and also supports smooth gliding of the therapist’s hands and fingers. The more the precision in the techniques applied the better would be the results reaped. A well done Indian Head Massage can be performed only by trained and experienced therapists who specialize in Indian head massage. Touch of Well Being has some of the most efficiently trained therapists for Indian Head massage. They do not just guarantee a well performed massage but also satisfying results with complete assistance.

An Indian Head massage can effectively been done while the client sits down. The therapist has better access to the points in focus, such as neck, head and shoulders that too in all possible angles. An Indian Head massage is quite different from other regular massages. A few of the most prominent benefits of Indian Head massage is relief from headaches, alleviating mental and physical stress, neck relaxation, relief of pain from shoulder and upper arms along with loosen stiff muscles, soothing eyes and revitalize the brain. All these factors have significant positive effects on the nervous system and help in keeping the person’s mood calm and light.

Touch of Well Being consultants are needed to be made aware of your conditions and health issues you face so that the therapist could modify the technique according to your specific needs. The therapy is not recommended for those who have undergone head injuries and those with histories of other health concerns. It is a must that you inform the consultant and therapist with your health history in order to get yourself a safe and satisfying therapy.

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