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Body Exfoliation

At Touch of Well Being we offer the most outstanding body exfoliating treatment which would pamper your skin to make it glow and breathe well. Exfoliation is removal of old dead skin cells that accumulate on the uppermost layer of the skin on the body and face. It results in smoother feeling skin and gives it a fresh look. As it may now be quite obvious, exfoliation also allows penetration of skin care products much better than with those dead skin cells all over your skin. It would make your beauty products much faster and better on your skin making you even more satisfied.

Exfoliation treatment is done with the use of mechanical friction and application of salt glow which is a body scrub made of sugar or coffee. The friction against the skin would make the dead skin cells get rubbed off letting your gentle and healthy skin become more prominent. There are quite a few other distinct materials used for exfoliation, your need would determine which material would be most suitable for you. There is also Chemical Exfoliation which uses chemical based substances created especially for getting rid of dead skin cells. At Touch of Well Being you would be served with techniques that would be most friendly to your skin type. Our experienced professionals would assist you throughout the process and also suggest solutions based on the needs to identify and communicate.


The reason why exfoliation is important is to get rid of dead skins cell that make the skin rough, hamper skin breathing and improve the health of the skin. This is not just for facial skin but also for skin over the body. Areas that stay covered with clothes and where the dead cells accumulate more easily due to lesser exposure and friction. After an exfoliation treatment, you would be able to feel the true smoothness for your skin while looking young and healthy. Your appearance is largely dependent on the health of your skin and the look it has. In order to let your body shine to its potential you need to get an exfoliation treatment done at Touch of Well Being.

At Touch of Well Being we will take immense care of the extent of exfoliation you require. There are certain degrees and levels of exfoliation that every skin type needs. It would vary person to person and does not need to be the same for everyone. Over exfoliation can make the skin look dry and damaged thus our professional masseurs would assess your need and choose the level of exfoliation accordingly. When you are being treated with one of the best skin treatments and massage services at Touch of Well Being you do not need to worry about any complications or adverse effects on completion of the treatment. We would provide you with guaranteed positive results which would be identified and communicated to you before the service begins. You may choose from the large variety of services and treatments according to your needs and also consult our professional consultants who would assist you in the matter.

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