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Deep Tissue Massage

Touch of Well Being offers a wide variety of massage and therapies which also includes the Deep Tissue Massage. This message is primarily used for relieving muscle stress and adhesions. Muscles get tensed due to being over worked or exposure to unbalanced pressure. Deep tissue massage focuses on the structure of muscles and fascia that regulate bodily movement. The connective tissues that are triggered have a direct impact on the muscles’ health thus a Deep Tissue Massage been done by professional masseurs at Touch of Well Being can actually make your muscles stronger and relieved from pain and stress.


Injuries often leave tissues with scars and damages. A deep tissue muscle helps in breaking up and replacing scarred tissues with brand new healthy ones. The most common problem stressed muscles cause is blocking oxygen and nutrients from getting where they are needed. With prolonged blockage inflammation is caused as the toxins get accumulated over the muscle tissues which results in pain and discomfort. The Deep Tissue muscle manages to break the accumulation of toxins, improve blood flow along with transportation of oxygen and nutrients. Our highly experienced Deep Tissue massage experts would make sure you are completely ready; you need to get well hydrated before the massage starts. Hydration supports the deep tissue massage and gives better results.

The Deep Tissue massage is quite similar to Swedish Massage but the pressure exerted is much intense. The strokes and movements vary to a certain extent as a Deep Tissue Massage is focused towards a different motive. Deep Tissue massage involves use of fingers, elbows along with wooden and ceramic massage tools that help in better penetration. The duration may also be slow as the strokes are slower compared to classical massages. However, the duration would depend on your need which would be best assessed by the experts at Touch of Well Being. The therapist would suggest the most appropriate procedure and duration based on the trouble spots. Area are of more concern would be given extra attention and need to be dealt with care. Effective communication with the therapist helps in getting a much satisfying service. Our consultants are devoted to serving you with the best service who you can contact to get all your queries clarified.


Deep Tissue massage needs intense training and practice on the therapist’s part. It cannot be performed effectively by any masseur. At Touch of Well Being, we have some of the most qualified and trained Deep Tissue Therapists who provide you with the most satisfying service. Our therapists and consultants would guide you through the process and assist you even after completion of massage. Deep Tissue massage needs care and effort from the client in order to have long lasting effects. You would be provided with all the relevant guidance required for after the massage.

At Touch of Well Being we take complete care of our clients. Providing you with the best massage services is not only our goal but also our success factor. We encourage our valued customers to honor us with visit at our spa. You may also visit our website for more details. Or you can also visit our spa personally to get yourself informed further about our services and packages.