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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is also widely known as the Champissage. It is a therapeutic massage that emphasizes on the head and corresponding areas such as the neck, should, upper arm and also the face. It has a very light and gentle massage technique that focuses on stimulating nerves, relieve tension and relaxation of superficial tissues. The massage also helps in fighting and alleviating emotional as well as physical stress. Touch of Well Being offers the most original and effective Indian Head massage along with other therapeutic massages.

The massage is an influence of the traditional Indian Champi. It has been practiced as a natural therapy since the early centuries. It is used as an alternative to medical treatment and medications to calm down nerves, heal emotional and physical stress and also fight fatigue and anxiety. The techniques involved in the Indian Head massage are based on the traditional Ayurvedic system and the oriental beliefs of energy circulation in the body as being vital for good health.


An Indian Head massage can generally be done even without application of massage oil on the skin but for a more effective and satisfying massage requires some massage oil to be applied for the technique. Use of massage oil helps the therapist in having more control over the massage and also supports smooth gliding of the therapist’s hands and fingers. The more the precision in the techniques applied the better would be the results reaped. A well done Indian Head Massage can be performed only by trained and experienced therapists who specialize in Indian head massage. Touch of Well Being has some of the most efficiently trained therapists for Indian Head massage. They do not just guarantee a well performed massage but also satisfying results with complete assistance.

An Indian Head massage can effectively been done while the client sits down. The therapist has better access to the points in focus, such as neck, head and shoulders that too in all possible angles. An Indian Head massage is quite different from other regular massages. A few of the most prominent benefits of Indian Head massage is relief from headaches, alleviating mental and physical stress, neck relaxation, relief of pain from shoulder and upper arms along with loosen stiff muscles, soothing eyes and revitalize the brain. All these factors have significant positive effects on the nervous system and help in keeping the person’s mood calm and light.

Touch of Well Being consultants are needed to be made aware of your conditions and health issues you face so that the therapist could modify the technique according to your specific needs. The therapy is not recommended for those who have undergone head injuries and those with histories of other health concerns. It is a must that you inform the consultant and therapist with your health history in order to get yourself a safe and satisfying therapy.

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