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Massage Treatment – Get services like no other!

What comes to your mind when you are exposed to the idea “Touch of Well Being” – it definitely gives you an idea of something that has to do with health, and particularly relaxation, right? Truly, Touch of Well Being is dedicated to provide a massive range of therapies and body massages. There is a lot more to it, and it is an interesting to know more about it.


Clients are more than welcomed as they get best minutes of their lives by releasing their stress. You can choose between the minutes you want to spend under relaxation – for example, you can get 60 minutes to 75 minutes depending upon your need or requirement.

Different kinds of massage treatments:

  • Thai or traditional type – You can get an oil massage on specific areas, which can be compress and stretched so that you can get relief.
  • Remedial – These types of massage are carried out in order to provide relief from some muscle pull, injury or pain. The intensity of the massage can be from light to intense that depends upon requirement too.
  • Deep tissue massage – This kind of massage promotes the muscular health – the pressure provided is firm to intense that is why muscle fibers can be treated this way.

Other than these, we provide services like:

  1. Head massage
  2. Stomach massage
  3. Pregnancy massage
  4. Breast massages (post surgical)
  5. Full body massage


All the products that are used for the massage are of high quality and imported. Most of the time we use pure herbal products so that you can get the desired experience. Our therapist would suggest the most appropriate procedure and duration needed by you. Many times people are not sure what they exactly want – do not worry, simply walk in and talk to the expert, they will let you know what can turn out to be the best in their favor. Especially time and attention is paid to the area that has been going through a problem – all our efforts are directed in a way that clients leave the spa with a positive image and peace of mind. We have trained and skilled massage therapists who are devoted to provide clients with the most satisfying service.


At Touch of Well Being, we make sure that the clients are fully satisfied. Our goal is not only to facilitate you with the best kind of massage services in the town, but we seek your loyalty, as a priority. We want to grow in your minds, so that we can bring in newer ways to please you. We are highly honored when you show interest in visiting the spas and getting your massages done – we appreciate the fact that you like our service and recommend them to others as well.

For more precision in details, you can log on to our website and clear all the doubts. If not that, we will be more than a delight to welcome you at spa for discussion about your package and need.


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Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping has been adapted from the tradition and ancient techniques of Chinese Medicine. It is one of the most effective massages being offered at Touch of Well Being that has many vital benefits and positive effects on a person’s health. It is very different from other regular therapeutic massages that involve exertion of pressure on the body. Massage cupping is used to deal with various health concerns and also improvement in the healing process.


Massage cupping involves use of plastic of glass cups with a pump that creates a vacuum for a negative pressure being put on the skin. The movement of cups in various techniques while also pulling up is the most significant part of the massage. The techniques need extreme care and precision as quite a few sensitive areas need to be treated differently as they cannot cope with the regular pull. Areas that comprise mostly of bones such as the spine and scapula are most often avoided in regular massages that involve exerting of pressure but can be worked on with cupping. Touch of Well Being has specialized therapists for massage cupping who understand its various techniques in great detail. Our trained therapists guarantee you with the most satisfying results and effects. They would understand your needs and use the most suitable techniques.

The massage cupping technique also includes placing cups over particular parts of the body for a short while. These cups being parked on different areas help in mobilizing joints and relieving soft tissues. The suction goes deep inside soft tissues, organs and attachments. The pulling is actually done in order to pull toxins and inflammation away from muscles and organs. Lymph nodes and blood are also pulled up closer to the skin to make the process effective. Loosening of connective tissues helps in better healing of injury scars and damages. The effects can actually be seen as the adhesions and scars would actually be reduced. Other long lasting effects are a well functioning immune system and blood flow. Your reason behind choosing massage cupping and the expected results should be discussed with consultants at Touch of Well Being so that you are provided with the best massage experience and results.

Massage cupping is safe for everyone, children, adults and also the elderly. In order to guarantee safety and satisfaction, have consulting sessions with therapists at Touch of Well Being so that they can understand your condition to the best of their abilities and put in the best effort in your massage therapy. The techniques and duration would vary from person to person and would get decided according to the clients’ age, needs and health. It is wise to have a detail discussion with consultants and therapists to get yourself mentally prepared for the massage therapy. We welcome your queries and suggestions; visit us at our spa and also on our website Touch Well Being is at your service and strives to provide you with the most delighting massage experience that you have had never before.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is also widely known as the Champissage. It is a therapeutic massage that emphasizes on the head and corresponding areas such as the neck, should, upper arm and also the face. It has a very light and gentle massage technique that focuses on stimulating nerves, relieve tension and relaxation of superficial tissues. The massage also helps in fighting and alleviating emotional as well as physical stress. Touch of Well Being offers the most original and effective Indian Head massage along with other therapeutic massages.

The massage is an influence of the traditional Indian Champi. It has been practiced as a natural therapy since the early centuries. It is used as an alternative to medical treatment and medications to calm down nerves, heal emotional and physical stress and also fight fatigue and anxiety. The techniques involved in the Indian Head massage are based on the traditional Ayurvedic system and the oriental beliefs of energy circulation in the body as being vital for good health.


An Indian Head massage can generally be done even without application of massage oil on the skin but for a more effective and satisfying massage requires some massage oil to be applied for the technique. Use of massage oil helps the therapist in having more control over the massage and also supports smooth gliding of the therapist’s hands and fingers. The more the precision in the techniques applied the better would be the results reaped. A well done Indian Head Massage can be performed only by trained and experienced therapists who specialize in Indian head massage. Touch of Well Being has some of the most efficiently trained therapists for Indian Head massage. They do not just guarantee a well performed massage but also satisfying results with complete assistance.

An Indian Head massage can effectively been done while the client sits down. The therapist has better access to the points in focus, such as neck, head and shoulders that too in all possible angles. An Indian Head massage is quite different from other regular massages. A few of the most prominent benefits of Indian Head massage is relief from headaches, alleviating mental and physical stress, neck relaxation, relief of pain from shoulder and upper arms along with loosen stiff muscles, soothing eyes and revitalize the brain. All these factors have significant positive effects on the nervous system and help in keeping the person’s mood calm and light.

Touch of Well Being consultants are needed to be made aware of your conditions and health issues you face so that the therapist could modify the technique according to your specific needs. The therapy is not recommended for those who have undergone head injuries and those with histories of other health concerns. It is a must that you inform the consultant and therapist with your health history in order to get yourself a safe and satisfying therapy.

We encourage you to visit us at our spa or our website, for further details and information.