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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage massage also known as lymph massage or lymphatic drainage is a therapy designed to encourage the lymph flow of the human body. It is one of the very light massage therapies performed. Touch of Well Being, along with other therapeutic massages offers a very effective Lymphatic massage.  The magnificent benefits of this massage make it one of the most famous therapies. It is recommended for patients after plastic surgery and even liposuction. It is also very frequently chosen by others for detoxification and cleansing the body internally. For other troubles such as acne, spider veins, scar tissue etc manual lymph drainage massage proves to be very effective.


The lymph system is supplementary to the blood circulation system of the body. It is a slow and steady moving system of lymph nodes and vessels. It is responsible for transporting nutrients to cells while also taking away excessive water, bacteria, virus, toxins and also cellular waste. Smooth processing of the system helps in keeping the body clean from toxins and other viruses. A well functioning lymph system is vital for maintaining good health and shape.

The manual lymph drainage massage triggers the lymph system which requires a well trained therapist to stimulate the area with very light, circular movements. Stimulating the lymphatic system through a massage is quite easy and effective as it is located just under the skin and can very easily be reached. This is also the reason why the pressure of movements is kept very light. The manual lymph drainage massage is done with great effort and consideration put by the expert in order to make it a soothing experience. Touch of Well Being has expert therapists for lymphatic drainage massage who deliver the most satisfying service. Intensity and duration are to be determined by the therapist according to the client’s condition and health. It is a must to let the therapist know your reason of choosing the therapy and also the results that you expect. Your therapist would most effectively guide you through the process and also make you aware of the results you would achieve on completion.

Stimulation of the lymphatic system helps in draining puffed up tissues and supports the immune system. These improvements work towards making the body heal from surgery and also aids the body’s own natural process of waste removal and detoxification. Managing to keep the body detoxified is a key to having a healthy body which also remains in good shape. It is not just for patients or people suffering from pain or diseases but it also a need of all humans. Movements involved in lymphatic drainage massage are also used for facial and other body treatments with the same motive of stimulating the lymphatic system.

A few follow up considerations such as having plenty of water and fluid in order to discrete the toxins released need to be kept in mind. Therapists and consultants at Touch of Well Being would provide you with enough information and details on follow up measures to enhance the quality of the results you derive of our services. You are welcome to get all your queries answered at our spa or visit our website for service details.