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Massage Treatment – Get services like no other!

What comes to your mind when you are exposed to the idea “Touch of Well Being” – it definitely gives you an idea of something that has to do with health, and particularly relaxation, right? Truly, Touch of Well Being is dedicated to provide a massive range of therapies and body massages. There is a lot more to it, and it is an interesting to know more about it.


Clients are more than welcomed as they get best minutes of their lives by releasing their stress. You can choose between the minutes you want to spend under relaxation – for example, you can get 60 minutes to 75 minutes depending upon your need or requirement.

Different kinds of massage treatments:

  • Thai or traditional type – You can get an oil massage on specific areas, which can be compress and stretched so that you can get relief.
  • Remedial – These types of massage are carried out in order to provide relief from some muscle pull, injury or pain. The intensity of the massage can be from light to intense that depends upon requirement too.
  • Deep tissue massage – This kind of massage promotes the muscular health – the pressure provided is firm to intense that is why muscle fibers can be treated this way.

Other than these, we provide services like:

  1. Head massage
  2. Stomach massage
  3. Pregnancy massage
  4. Breast massages (post surgical)
  5. Full body massage


All the products that are used for the massage are of high quality and imported. Most of the time we use pure herbal products so that you can get the desired experience. Our therapist would suggest the most appropriate procedure and duration needed by you. Many times people are not sure what they exactly want – do not worry, simply walk in and talk to the expert, they will let you know what can turn out to be the best in their favor. Especially time and attention is paid to the area that has been going through a problem – all our efforts are directed in a way that clients leave the spa with a positive image and peace of mind. We have trained and skilled massage therapists who are devoted to provide clients with the most satisfying service.


At Touch of Well Being, we make sure that the clients are fully satisfied. Our goal is not only to facilitate you with the best kind of massage services in the town, but we seek your loyalty, as a priority. We want to grow in your minds, so that we can bring in newer ways to please you. We are highly honored when you show interest in visiting the spas and getting your massages done – we appreciate the fact that you like our service and recommend them to others as well.

For more precision in details, you can log on to our website and clear all the doubts. If not that, we will be more than a delight to welcome you at spa for discussion about your package and need.


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Hot Stone Massage

Touch of Well Being offers the best hot stone massage that helps in deep relaxation of tight muscles. The massage is done with smooth, heated stones which are used for massaging and also for being placed on specific parts of the body while the other areas are massaged with hands. The heat of the stones makes tight muscles loosen up and lets the effect penetrate much better. The stones themselves have the ability to charge energy and need to be placed in different arrangements to make the most use of their ability.

Smooth stones heated with fire began to be used by Native Americans to relieve pain in muscles. The modern and improved stone therapy has evolved into delivering better results but requires intense training of therapists. At Touch of Well Being, we have high trained and certified stone massage therapists. You are guaranteed the best stone massage experience at our company that has long lasting benefits. Not all spas would manage to provide you the same quality service, it takes quite a lot of calculated effort and sensitivity, not all masseurs can prove to give a satisfying experience with hot stones so which spa you choose would determine your experience with hot stone massages.


You may consult professional at Touch of Well Being to better understand the massage procedure and benefits. The massage starts with the therapist’s work on your back. Your body would also be heated and prepared with the traditional Swedish massage. After this the therapist would start to massage your body with the heated stones. Sometime later the stones that have cooled down will be replaced with the other heated ones. The stones vary in shape and size as not every stone can be used for all the parts of the body. The shape of the stones is mostly oval or circle like as they have to be rounded and completely without edges. Larger and stronger muscles are worked on with big stones while the small stones are used for smaller muscles. The stones are even placed over some parts of the body such as the palm, belly and even between toes for better blood circulation.

We encourage our valued clients to communicate their specifications and requirements to the therapist at any time during the course of the massage. In case the heat causes discomfort, you can ask the therapist to adjust the temperature in order to give you the most effective massage. Our clients’ comfort is our priority; we strive to provide our clients with the most satisfying massages and therapies at Touch of Well Being.

Hot stone massage is not recommended for those who have high blood pressure, diabetes or heart diseases. It is also not recommended for those who are on blood thinning medication, pregnant or with sunburns. It is most suitable to take our consultants’ advice before getting a hot stone massage. Our consultants and therapists are at your service who aim to keep you safe, comfortable and most satisfied with all the services we offer at Touch of Well Being.

We encourage our valued customers to honor us with a visit at our spa. You may also visit our website for more details.